August Farm Stand Bountiful and Beautiful

August seems some of the hottest days yet this year. According to forecast, August 7th will be hot and humid (feel like 40C?!).

Well, thanks to the heat and farmers’ labour of love, we are seeing super bountiful farm stand Sundays.

Flat Earth Farm – lamb and maple syrup. Check out their online shop.

Capital Bees – certified natually grown raw honey (find them at Chi Garden table)

7 Hues EcoFarm – Ferme aux sept couleurs – Curly Endive (Chicory), Fresh garlic, Pink Celery, Purple Napa Cabbage, Sweet and hot peppers, Beans, Kangua magic melon, Zucchini, Green Onions, Water Spinach, Beets.

Nellai Farms – onions, fresh young celery stalks, bush beans, jalapeño peppers and fragrant genova Basil.

Earth and Heart Organics is on social media! Go ahead and give them a like. They have potatoes, pepper (hot ones too!), and squash ready.

Cadence Ecological Farm has cucamelons (picture below!), cucumber, zucchini, kale, sweet peppers, hot peppers, okra, carrots, beets, and lots of microgreens! The garlic is still drying, but will be available soon!

Nanabushi Food Forests – excellent low-sugar jam from forest-grown fruits and berries (at Chi Garden table). 

Chi Garden has specialty veggies and ferments, and mushroom oil. August specialty:

– Heirloom snap beans – Specialty pole beans developed 500 years ago in NE China near Siberia. They are dongbei youdou – snap beans (not stringless French beans) and horticulturally they are common beans – Phaseolus vulgaris var. chinensis Hort. They were developed for their protein-rich (20%!), fleshy, tender, and snappy pods, and need longer cooking – minimum of 10 minutes above 100 Celcius to rid of antinutrients found in all common beans.

– Garlic chive scape (a once-a-year treat) – sweet, tender, wonderful on its own stir-fried, and goes well with any protein.

– Diversity salad with edible flowers. First flush of Japanese squash – kabocha. First harvest of bitter melon!

Hope you are keeping cool and see you on Sundays

Farmers at Just Food Farm Stand


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