we’ve got your tomatoes, and more…

Check out these photos collaged from Summer market days. The farm stand has an amazing diversity:

  • Leafy greens and diversity salad.
  • New garlic and onions – some braided!
  • Yes, tomatoes are out – farmers have them in every colour and size. Heirloom tomatoes. Other nightshades as well – lots of pepper, hot pepper, eggplants, potatoes and even okra.
  • Gourd family abound – cukes and zukes, and winter squash too!
    • Bitter melon and luffa: Bitter melon and eggs stirfry is our favourite way to prepare, and this recipe looks good and simple. Luffa or loofah, yes as in the spongy scrubber luffa, is edible and delicious when young, and simple to prepare, as in this and silky luffa recipe with tofu.

Raw honey from Capital Bees! Have 500g and 1 litre jars.

Jam from Nanabush Food Forest – new varieties!

AND – we reuse the glass parts of all jars – honey, jam, ferments, oil, etc. Bring them back to the Chi Garden table where they are gladly accepted.


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